Mailing Services - FAQs

Mailing Services

In addition to our design and printing services, Fenway Group provides comprehensive commercial mailing services. Our direct mail department sorts and processes your list to provide the best postal rates possible to help save you time and money. We work with all size mailings...from 500 to 500,000; both US and International too.

Can you mail for Non-Profit organizations?

Yes, we do it all the time! We can mail under our permit number or yours as long as your organization has a non-profit id number from the USPS.

What is a matched mailing? and can you do it?

A matched mailing is when two or more pieces are personalized and need to go together. Typically, a personalized letter and addressed envelope would be a matched mailing. And yes, we do matched mailings all the time! We do matched mailings for fundraising appeals, HIPAA related mailings and NPPI transactional printing and mailing.